Marketing A Carpet Cleaning Business

In order to find success in carpet cleaning marketing you have to stand out from the crowd. The typical marketing ideas of flyers, post cards, carpet cleaning websites and mobile optimization should be utilized, but the most successful retail marketing results have occurred by television saturation.

There is no question that being visible in the community is important. Public events, fairs, and little league sponsorships all have their place, but any local business needs to establish their brand so that it is on the tips of the tongues of the local populace whenever the service that your business offers comes up.

The first thing that you need to do is to have a professional marketing organization conduct a survey in your community to find out who your customers are and where they live. What would cause them to purchase your product? You need to find this information out, otherwise you are like the airplane pilot who wants to fly across the Atlantic, but you are blindfolded and can’t even find the Atlantic.

Linda Soundtrack in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma performed the best television saturation campaign ever done. This lady was the owner of a sound store that sold record and CD players, sound equipment, and anything to do with sound of any kind.

Linda Soundtrack was not her real name, but her store was named “Soundtrack”. This lady was the most obnoxious, loud and intrusive person that most people had ever heard. Her voice quality was just shy of shouting, however she always smiled and presented herself and positive and upbeat. Her ads were on all three of the local TV stations and were timed to be seen in prime time.

The ads were blaring, everyone talked about them, and soon traffic to her store was so great that she ended up building two more stores in the area. The prices at the Soundtrack stores were true to what Linda said, as they beat everyone else in the area.

Obviously, this was a pretty expensive ad campaign, but it paid off because Linda had the courage to be different and totally visible. But how are people going to find you if they do not know about you.

All successful businesses have that value proposition that the customer already knows about when they want to buy from you. What will be your value proposition when you get to the point of marketing carpet cleaning business? Maybe “Your Carpets Will Be Cleaner Than Clean” or “Chemical Free Clean Carpets”. How do you define yourself so as to be so different than your competition, that they get left in the dust? Maybe you have the “Carpet Cleaning Genie”, your secret cleaning technique. You have to be set apart.

If the TV approach is beyond your budget, then you will have to use other means. When do people clean their carpets? Rental homes are a good market. When tenets move out the carpets have to be cleaned. Simple as that. Find out a way to market exclusively to landlords in your area. Find out who they are and where they are. Do they meet somewhere? Is there a local organization? Can you speak to them as a group? All you need to do is find some of the key players, and meet them. Offer them your special landlord package, and throw in extra features like free window cleaning.

Think outside of the box a little, and let your mind run free, and you will succeed when marketing carpet cleaning business.

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